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Watchdog Domin DNS More than a decade’s worth of experience in effective SEO strategies and digital marketing campaigns for companies all across the globe.
Professional & Skilled Team of 100 plus digital marketing, SEO, content and creative individuals with diverse work experiences and a knack for all things marketing. When the domain name is entered in your web browser, a request is sent to the global network of servers that form the Domain Name System (DNS), which is like a phonebook of the internet.

The server then searches the name servers related to the domain and forwards the request to the name servers.
The name servers are big computers, which are managed by hosting companies.
The hosting company forwards the request to the webserver where your site is stored.
The web server fetches the requested web page or information and forwards it to the browser.

Why do you need a domain name?


WATCHDOG-DOMIN -When forming an online presence, having a good domain name is incredibly important. It’s the first impression you make to potential clients. Nothing looks word than a free subdomain like brand. When you invest in a domain name, you show your visitors that you care about your brand.

Another good reason for having your domain name is the fact that you will always be in control. E.g. if you are an reseller and the company all of a sudden changes their terms, making them no longer in your favor, you might run into trouble. But when you have your own domain or website, you’ll be the one making the changes!

It gives you other kinds of freedom as well! Once the domain name is yours, you get to control all associated email addresses, subdomains and other related features. You don’t need to rely on anyone else!

Lastly, having your own domain name gives you one more massive benefit! It can change the way your website ranks in search engine result pages!.


Monitors all network traffic with packet-by-packet analysis.

Patented “STEALTH” technology enables monitoring of network traffic without broadcasting an IP address.

Sized for your network’s speed and configuration


A domain name is the identity of one or more IP addresses; for example, the domain name points to the IP address “”.

. Domain names are invented as it is easy to remember a name rather than a long string of numbers.


Requires NO changes to your network topology or configuation.

Automated Artificial Intelligence functions manage security policies and track trends website and Globally Mange all Website and Good Services And Dimenxional  Website


Provides compliance with HIPPA, PCI, NIST, and SOX regulations.

Management Level Reports provide detailed analysis of hacking attempts and blocked hacks.

User portals provide  good services and Dimenxional and 24*7 Support