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Covered Entities Need to be HIPAA compliant

Covered Entities of all sizes are struggling with the daunting task of HIPAA compliance. The Guard medical compliance software is your all-in-one, cloud-based solution that helps simplify HIPAA compliance so that you can focus on running your practice, giving your patients the attention they deserve. Compliancy Group gives you confidence by helping you Achieve, Illustrate, and Maintain compliance for Covered Entities with the full extent of federal HIPAA regulation in a compliance management system.

Covered Entities use The Guard medical software to address their HIPAA compliance, and gain confidence that they’re protected from financial and legal liabilities, all while ensuring that their patient’s data is being kept safe.

How We Help

Live Compliance Coaches

Guided HIPPA Compliance

Though compliance software alone can help without a Coach or someone to walk you through the process, how can you be confident in your compliance? Using our Compliance Coaches, we help answer any compliance questions,

HIPPA Risk Assessments

Conduct and Remediate

Though a security risk assessment is important for HIPAA compliance, you must conduct a total of six security audits. Using Compliancy Group we will walk you through all six audits and create remediation plans to fix them.

Audit Response Program

We are On Your Side

If you were audited by the government, will you know what reports to pull and how? With our audit response program you have Compliancy Group’s team and expertise on your side. We will work with you to create and provi...

Verified Compliance

Show Your Patients You Care

With Compliancy Group’s industry recognized HIPAA Seal of Compliance, your patients can rest assured that you have taken all the necessary steps to protect their information. Having the seal on your website, letterhea...

Incident Managment

Track and Report all Incidents

Knowing how, when to track and report incidents is key to compliance. Using our software you can track incidents small and large to avoid fines by knowing when and how to report them to HHS. Combining our software wit...

Business Associate Management

Manage and track Your BAA's

Your vendors that access PHI are required to sign a Business Associate Agreement, but how do you know who needs a BAA vs. those who just need to sign a confidentiality agreement? Using our software combined with Compl...