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Triple Profits

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Why MSPs need to offer HIPAA compliance

Any organization that handles PHI (Protected Health Information) is required by law to satisfy all requirements for HIPAA compliance–contrary to the common misunderstanding that a security risk assessment alone satisfies HIPAA regulatory requirements. According to HHS, 70% of the health care market is not HIPAA compliant, while CMS states that 79% of Meaningful Use audits result in failure. The two biggest factors of this widespread non-compliance are: incomplete risk assessments and a lack of understanding between the differences in HIPAA compliance and Security. With massive breaches, OCR investigations, and required annual security risk assessments, Covered Entities are looking to their Managed Service Providers for a MSP software training solution.

As the leading MSP HIPAA compliance software solution for small and mid-size practices, Compliancy Group provides the answer you’re looking for. Our MSP HIPAA compliance software lets you benefit from our referral or reseller models depending on the needs of your organization.

How we help you increase your profits and
MRR with HIPAA compliance

Justify Advanced Security

Let The Assessments Do The Talking

Selling your services as line items can be difficult. That is why we created a HIPAA compliant stack! Using our Coaches and audits, your clients will be required to implement advanced security to close their open gaps. This leaves you with a th...

Increase Profits

Double Your MRR AndTriple Your Profits

When users go through the required HIPAA security audits, remediation plans are created that an MSP needs to fix. By adding these extra services, conducting their security risk assessment, and reselling our solution, ...

Acquire New Clients

Enter The Healthcare Vertical

When it comes time for a Covered Entity to choose the right Business Associate or MSP, who would you rather go with? The one who is aware of HIPAA and will reduce their liabilities or the one who won’t? Over 2 million...

Marketing Support

Sales And Marketing At Your Fingertips

Selling HIPAA compliance can be hard if you don’t have the right approach. Using our sales and marketing team, as well as our portal to download white-labeled marketing collateral, send email/social campaigns. As an e...

Dedicated Compliance Coaches

Our HIPPA Expertise Teamed With Your Security Knowledge

We don’t expect you to be HIPAA experts nor do your clients. Let Compliance Group’s HIPAA experts walk your clients through the process, while you take over the security remediation and implementation. Your clients wi...

Get Leads

Our Clients Need Complaints MSP's

Through our implementation process all of our clients need to audit their vendors. If they are in search for a HIPAA compliant MSP, we will send them your way!