OSHA Compliance

Dimenxional OSHA & HIPAA Software

Learn how easy becoming OSHA and HIPAA compliant can be!

Learn the benefits of combining your OSHA and HIPAA compliance in one place, saving you time and money while protecting your business.

OSHA & HIPAA in one place


Centralize your Employees training process

Keep up to date with OSHA and HIPAA requirements

Access to proven compliance methodology

Compliance Coaches

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What’s Included



-Bloodborne Pathogens Safety
-Electrical Safety
-Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, Fire Prevention Plans, and Fire Protection Safety
-Hazard Communication Safety
-Hazardous Materials Safety
-Introduction to Industrial Hygiene
-Personal Protective Equipment
-Safety and Health Programs
-Walking and Working Surfaces, including Fall Protection


OSHA Self Audits

-Bloodborne pathogen safety
-Hazardous substances communication safety
-Personal protective equipment safety
-Electrical safety
-Medical and first aid safety
-Ionizing radiation safety
-Fire safety checklist, slips, trips & falls safety
-Laboratory safety
-Ergonomic safety
-Dental office safety
-Occupational exposure safety checklist,
-Beryllium exposure safety checklist


COVID-19 Guidance


Safety Plan Templates

-Bloodborne pathogens model exposure control safety plan template
-Emergency action plan safety template
-Hazard communication safety plan template

OSHA Manual

-How OSHA Works
-Who OSHA Covers
-State Plans
-Reducing OSHA Fines
-What to do in an event of an audit
COVID-19 Plan


Other OSHA Features

-Workplace poster
-Monitored updates to the law
-Live support