Confused about Stretched Cluster Clouds?

As a small business owner, you know there are advantages to “THE CLOUD” but there are so many acronyms it can give you a headache!

Let’s make this simple to understand.

Think of the server hardware you have in a closet.

Now imagine a closet without the server hardware.

All you have is an internet connection in in the closet that is somehow connected to every computer in your office, and each computer has all the services the missing server hardware (and software) in your office provided.

That is the simplest explanation of the Cloud!

Forget about all the acronyms and technology jargon. You just want it to work!

That is exactly how we feel at DimenXional Cloud Technologies.

It’s not your job to figure it out and support it. That is what we do best!

DimenXional Cloud Technologies does it just a little better because we own our Cloud. Why? To save you money and headaches!!

We will not tell about all the cool technology we deploy to all of our customers.

What we will tell you is that we care about is making sure that your teams can do their work every day.

In fact, we want to make sure that your teams can do their work no matter where they are, no matter what internet connected device they use!

In this “New COVID 19 Normal”, many if not all of your employees are working from home.

But they need access to the server in the closet.

So, you spend more money with your “Managed IT Service Provider” to create a “Virtual Private Network” for that employee to connect to that pesky server in the closet.

OOPS more jargon– more headaches!!

Stop the jargon and acronyms.

Just click the link below and check out what you get from DimenXional Cloud Technologies!!

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